Once a cosy but cramped chocolate store, nowadays a spacious and well-stocked shoe boutique. When shoe brand Sacha approached us to transform this narrow building into their newest shop, the first thing we did was open up all the unused space on the ground floor, so that we could extend the shop with three new rooms. To restore the authentic charm of the building, we removed all wall paneling, painted the brick walls a glossy white and opted for the use of 450 oval shaped display shelves. Due to their irregular placing, a dynamic play of shadows is projected onto the wall throughout the day. Each of the rooms was refurbished with a new tile floor with different patterns, in order to fragment space and create a welcoming, homey atmosphere. With a different category of products on display in each room, every fifteen steps customers enter a new visual retail experience.

Design Team John Maatman, Carlijn Kriekaard, Joyce van Saane
Photography bearandbunny
Bruges / 2008

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